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May 2015 Newsletter


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

A few seats still remain for the July 14-15 WebAIM training.


Integrating Accessibility: Planning Content for Everyone

This wonderful presentation by Eileen Webb provides a great description of content accessibility.

Complementing Standards by Demonstrating Commitment and Progress

This paper proposes a way to consider standards within a larger context of accessibility activity and commitment.

Patterns in Higher Education Accessibility Complaints

Greg Kraus explores patterns in recent lawsuits and settlements to help guide conversations about campus web accessibility efforts.

Make Technology Work for Everyone: introducing digital accessibility

A fun and informative animated introduction to digital accessibility.

Q&A: Testing for accessibility before development begins

An interview with Aidan Tierney on how to review a wireframe to identify potential accessibility issues and requirements early in the design process.

Quick Tip: Use True Text

True text has several advantages over graphical text and should be used whenever possible. True text is easier to read, especially if it is enlarged. The user can more easily customize the appearance of the text to make it more readable (changing color, size, font, etc.). File size is typically smaller for true text and it can be copied and more easily translated into other languages. WCAG 2.0 Level AA requires that if the same presentation can be accomplished using true text, then you must use true text rather than an image of text.

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