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September 2015 Newsletter


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Our October 6-7 WebAIM training is full and registration for the December 8-9 training is nearly full. Register now to secure your seat.

Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

On September 24, ATAG 2.0 was published as a completed web standard (or "recommendation" in W3C-speak).

U.S. Web Design Standards

The U.S. government has released open source UI components and a visual style guide to create consistent and accessible user experiences across federal government websites.


Accessibility - beyond the screen reader

Denis Boudreau provides recommendations for accessibility that go beyond meeting the needs of screen reader users.

Screen Readers on Touchscreen Devices

People who are blind or have low vision must rely on their memory and on a rich vocabulary of gestures to interact with touchscreen phones and tablets. Designers should strive to minimize the cognitive load for users of screen readers.

Making Your Website Design Accessible – Here’s What a Blind Accessibility Expert Has to Say on the Topic

Practical accessibility tips from a blind user.

10 Accessibility Checks in 10 minutes

Use these 10 check-points to identify accessibility problems on a web page with minimum time, infrastructure, and accessibility skill-set.

Designing for the web: Neurodiversity

Jamie Knight explores the steps you can implement to keep your sites usable for all audiences, no matter how their brains are wired.

Use On-Page Image Descriptions

Commentary on the behavior of longdesc for in-page image descriptions.

Quick Tip: Keyboard Trap

An interface should not trap focus so that a keyboard user cannot interact with other page elements. By using scripting to change standard keyboard navigation mechanisms (typically by setting focus to page elements), keyboard users can easily be trapped. When testing a page with the keyboard, ensure that you can interact with all page elements. And ensure that you can navigate both forward (typically Tab key) and backward (typically Shift + Tab) key through all interactive controls.

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