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April 2016 Newsletter


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

We have opened registration for our next training to be held July 19-20, 2016 in Logan, Utah. Register now to secure your seat.


How to Measure Color Contrast, for Web Accessibility

The essence of accessible color contrast is simple. But the reality of color contrast is more complicated. There are a lot of assumptions to work out before you can be confident that visually impaired shoppers can use your ecommerce site.

Using the ARIA application role

The ARIA application role changes the way screen readers interact with web content. This post looks at a use case where the application role is used to good effect.

My Post-CSUN Comparison of Web Accessibility Checkers

Terrill Thompson provides an overview of accessibility tools and describes their role in a broader evaluation methodology.

Do you have a role in web accessibility? (Spoiler alert: yes)

Let's be honest, web standards for accessibility are overwhelming. Carrie Dils breaks down the roles involved when it comes to making a site more accessible.

Quick Tip: ARIA Design Patterns

When implementing ARIA into a widget, control, or application, it's vital that the interaction model follow the expected and documented patterns. ARIA must be used correctly and the keyboard interaction should be standardized. The ARIA Design Patterns provide instructions for ARIA and interaction implementation for many widgets and structures.

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