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June 2016 Newsletter


Creating Accessible Web Content in Dreamweaver

We've updated our Dreamweaver article with additional information for modern versions of Adobe Dreamweaver.


Implementing & Evaluating Web Application Accessibility

This webinar by WebAIM's Jared Smith will focus on building and testing web applications for accessibility.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

We have opened registration for our next training to be held October 11-12, 2016 in Logan, Utah. Register now to secure your seat.

Web Accessibility - Developing with Empathy

A free, online course from Google on web accessibility.


On Link Underlines

Adrian Roselli provides a treatise on the need to underline links in body content.

In Plain Sight: Text, Contrast, and Accessibility

Contrast is one of the basic elements of graphic design. It lets us tell things apart. Yet in UI design, at least for the web, there is a perpetual temptation to skimp.

Accessibility in the workplace – a competitive edge

A new study by Forrester Research examines how organizations across Europe have integrated accessible technologies and strategies within their organizations, and the tangible benefits this has delivered.

Accessibility: Improving The UX For Color-Blind Users

This article provides 13 tips to improve the experience for color-blind people – something which can often benefit people with normal vision too.

10 reasons why placeholders are problematic

Since placeholders arrived on the scene, they have been rapidly adopted to provide hints and instructions to help users fill in forms. Whilst this sounds good, it is actually problematic due to the way the placeholder behaves.

Quick Tip: Title Attributes

The title attribute, by definition, can be used to provide advisory information. It should:

  • NOT provide vital information or information necessary for accessibility.
  • NOT provide the same information as is available in text or alternative text.
  • NOT present the obvious. If the advisory title does not provide additional, useful information, it can be removed.
  • BE used carefully on small links and navigation items because the title tooltip may cover the underlying item.
  • NOT be used as a replacement for alternative text, form labels, table headers, etc.
  • ALWAYS be used on the frame element (e.g., <frame title="navigation">)

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