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April 2017 Newsletter


Designing for Screen Reader Compatibility

WebAIM has updated our article on screen reader compatibility to include additional information on document language, pronunciation, etc.


WebAIM sponsors AccessU

WebAIM is excited to be a sponsor of the John Slatin AccessU 2017 on May 17-18 in Austin, Texas.


Inclusively Hidden

There are various techniques to visually hide content in our web interfaces, but are you aware of the different effects they have on the accessibility of that content?

Many government websites frustrate those with disabilities

42% of the 300 most popular government websites posed significant accessibility problems.

How to make error messages accessible

Commonly, when an error occurs, an error message is inserted into the page. If you want to do this accessibly, some things to look at are identifying errors as errors, notifying the (screenreader) user of new content and describing what happened in clear language.

What is an accessible name?

Many HTML elements have an accessible name. It can be derived from different sources, and browsers use an algorithm called the Accessible Name and Description Computation to figure it out.

How Current Design Trends Affect Web Accessibility

Some of the really impactful decisions that make or break accessibility for people with disabilities and seniors are made during the design phase.

Quick Tip: ARIA Authoring Practices

While ARIA holds great potential for improving accessibility, the reality is that current ARIA implementation most often makes accessibility worse due to misuse, overuse, and abuse. The ARIA Authoring Practices document provides detailed, yet understandable, documentation and examples on the proper usage of ARIA for modern web content. When implementing ARIA, but sure to check the Design Patterns to ensure you're doing so correctly.

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