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January 2017 Newsletter


Access Board Updates Requirements for Information and Communication Technology

The final rule that defines updated accessibility requirements for Section 508 has been published. Be sure to also read The Paciello Group's summary of the updates.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Registration is now open for the May 2-3 WebAIM training in Logan, Utah.


How I do an accessibility audit - A11ycasts #11

This is one in a series of excellent accessibility videos produced by the Google Chrome Developer team.

Let's Talk Accessibility

For International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 2016, Barclays launched this video to help everyone better understand accessibility.

Using the aria-current attribute

It is common on the web for the current thing in a collection to be highlighted visually, but providing an alternative for screen reader users has often involved something of a hack. The aria-current attribute is intended to solve this problem.

We're going on a bear hunt: the prologue

Fear and worry are often companions as we journey towards accessibility. Elle Waters reminds us that in order to build successful accessibility programs we need to face our fears, not ignore them.

MIND Patterns - Accessibility Patterns for the Web

This free pattern library by eBay will assist frontend developers in building accessible e-commerce websites and components.

Differences between ARIA 1.0 and 1.1: Deprecations & Additions

The first in a series of four blog posts published by Bryan Garaventa on recent updates to ARIA 1.1.

Quick Tip: Spacing for actionable items

Placing 'clickable' items in close proximity can cause difficulties. Users with motor disabilities may lack fine motor control and find it difficult to click the correct item. Touch screen device users may also errantly activate the wrong thing. Additional whitespace around buttons and links, and increasing the line spacing for lists of links can help all users accurately activate the correct actionable item.

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