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March 2017 Newsletter


WebAIM's Feedback on WCAG 2.1

Comprehensive feedback on the First Public Working Draft of WCAG 2.1.


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Registration is now open for a WebAIM training to be held June 13-14 in Logan, Utah.

WebAIM sponsors AccessU

WebAIM is excited to be a sponsor of the John Slatin AccessU 2017.


Demystifying accessible name

In this post, Joe Watkins talks about accessible name – what it is, how to apply it, and why it's such an integral tool in the accessibility toolkit.

How users change colours on websites

This blog post looks at the methods with which users might change colours and what the people creating websites need to look out for.

Mythbuster's Guide to Accessibility

Too often, we've seen others neglect accessibility because of some common misconceptions that make things difficult. In this post, we’ll debunk these myths, so you can easily create universally accessible content.

Screen readers and web browsers – what's the best pairing for testing?

Scott Hollier presents pairings of browsers and assistive technologies for testing against the WCAG 2.0.

Web accessibility - It's good for everyone.

Many of the barriers encountered by people with disabilities on the web are also problematic for people without disabilities.

Quick Tip: Focus Indicator Contrast

WCAG 2.0 requires that a keyboard focus indicator (sometimes called a "focus ring") be visible. A focus indicator is vital for sighted keyboard users to know what item currently has keyboard focus when navigating a web page. While not specifically defined in WCAG 2.0 (though the 2.1 draft addresses this), it's important that this focus indicator be visually distinctive and have sufficient contrast. CSS allows customization of the focus indicator with outline styles. A new proposal will allow CSS :focus-ring styles distinct from mouse click focus indicators. You can customize the outline to match your visual design, yet still provide adequate contrast.

Here's an excellent video by Google demonstrating focus outline and :focus-ring.

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