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October 2017 Newsletter


Screen Reader User Survey #7

Only one day remains to complete the WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey.

House Bill Proposes Barriers to ADA Enforcement

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education, a partner of WebAIM, has posted this warning about the dangers of The ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017.


WebAIM Training

Registration is now open for the WebAIM training to be held January 23-24 in Logan, Utah.


Trends That Exclude

Jumping on a new trend is risky business, both in fashion and web design! Here is why trends often hurt the user experience and exclude users with disabilities.

The future of accessibility for custom elements

A large reason so many sites are inaccessible is because developers run into styling limitations and decide to just roll their own controls — without adding back in the necessary semantics and keyboard support.

Stop Designing For Only 85% Of Users: Nailing Accessibility In Design

As designers, we like to think we are solution-based. But whereas we wouldn't hesitate to call out a museum made inaccessible by a lack of wheelchair ramps, many of us still remain somewhat oblivious to flaws in our user interfaces.

Don't Use ARIA Menu Roles for Site Nav

Adrian Roselli makes arguments for avoiding the complex and confusing implementation of ARIA menus for site navigation.

Accessible ARIA Accordions and Collapsible Sections

Articles by Scott O'hara and Heydon Pickering both address how to make accessible accordions.

Quick Tip: Just use a button

Many modern web sites and applications often provide components that function as buttons, but are not marked up as true button elements. Native buttons provide excellent accessibility - native keyboard focus indicators, keyboard activation, proper screen reader semantics, etc. When any other element is used with JavaScript to trigger button-like functionality, it requires notable effort to provide reasonable accessibility. If your interface element functions like a button, just use a standard button element, then use CSS to style it to taste.

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