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February 2018 Newsletter


Overly Accessible?

Is it possible for a web page to be overly accessible? WebAIM's Jared Smith explores this question and the various meanings of "accessibility"?


WebAIM Training

Registration for the May 8-9 WebAIM web accessibility training in Utah is now open.


The new guidelines in WCAG 2.1 explained

In the Summer of 2018, WCAG 2.0 will be updated to version 2.1 with new guidelines. Alexander Skogberg provides simple explanations of these guidelines along with thoughts and advice on how to follow them.

Simplifying the New WCAG 2.1 Guidelines

This article from IBM is intended to help you grasp the objective of each of the 17 new recommendations with a simplified one-sentence "pitch" for each new success criterion.

Creating Accessible Menus and Mega Menus

This guide will discuss the two primary methods for addressing the accessibility of menus, including the ARIA Menu paradigm and the native active element approach more broadly discussed in the WAI Menu Tutorial.

My Accessibility Journey: What I’ve Learned So Far

Making accessible sites basically means doing a great job as a developer (or as a designer, project manager, or writer).

How to Scale Your Accessibility Initiatives By Empowering & Equipping Your Workforce

Once your company begins the process of building a culture of accessibility and a core accessibility team, it's important that your team members have the tools and environment in place to achieve success.

Quick Tip: Reading and Navigation Order

The screen reader reading order and keyboard navigation order for web page content must be logical and intuitive. This typically means that if will follow the visual presentation order - generally left to right, top to bottom through the page. The reading and navigation order for elements is determined based on the source code order, so ensure this is logical, then use CSS to present the content according to your design interests. With CSS floats, grid, and other layout techniques, it's vital that the reading/navigation order be considered to ensure an accessible experience.

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