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March 2018 Newsletter


Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners #2

This survey collects information from those who implement web accessibility. Responses will help inform accessibility data and best practices.


WebAIM Training

Only a few seats remain for the May 8-9 WebAIM web accessibility training in Utah.


WCAG 2.1: Success Criteria for Cognitive Disabilities

Eleven of the new Success Criteria will result in making the web more inclusive and adaptable for a broader range of human memory, problem solving, and attention abilities.

Labels Required

Maggie Wachs digs into why and how we should be using label instead of relying on elements or attributes with similar, but limited, qualities.

Tips For Conducting Usability Studies With Participants With Disabilities

Peter McNally shares his experiences running several usability studies with participants with various disabilities.

How to Create Inclusive, Accessible Content

Websites created without accessibility in mind may be excluding up to 20 percent of users. Luckily, there are easy ways to remedy this problem and be more inclusive to everyone.

How we stopped making excuses and started improving Basecamp's accessibility

In 2017 we made web accessibility a priority at Basecamp. It was long overdue.

Quick Tip: YouTube Captioning

Captioning in YouTube is easier than ever. There are 3 primary methods for captioning videos. First, you can allow automated transcription and then use the caption interface to make corrections. Quality of auto-captioning is improving, though will vary based on the audio quality. For some videos, fixing the automated captions may be faster and easier than the other two methods. Second, if you have a transcript file, simply upload it and YouTube will automatically generate the caption displays and timing. As above, you may need to adjust timing a bit. Finally, you can transcribe the video directly in the captions interface. There are nifty shortcuts to make this very efficient.

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