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November 2018 Newsletter


Contrast and Color Accessibility

We've updated and significantly expanded our article on contrast and color usage to include testing with various tools.

Updated Color Contrast Checker

The popular WebAIM Color Contrast Checker has been updated to provide feedback on meeting WCAG 2.1's 3:1 contrast ratio requirements for graphical objects and user interface components.


WebAIM Training

Registration is now open for a WebAIM web accessibility training to be held January 15-16 in Utah.

Digital Accessibility Legal Summit

The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit will be held in March 11-12 in Anaheim, CA.


24 Accessibility

A series of daily articles - one per day of December until Christmas - on accessibility wisdom and insight from a wide array of knowledge experts throughout the world.

Fear is a Poor Motivator for Accessibility

Fear places too much emphasis on compliance, leading organizations to lose sight of what accessibility is really about — the ability of disabled people to use today's technology, to have access to today's information.

Why using 'tabindex' values greater than "0" is bad

Karl Groves makes several strong arguments against the use of positive tabindex values.

A guide to color accessibility in product design

Let's learn how to go color accessible using the design principles you already know

A Call for Regulation: The DOJ Ignored Website Accessibility Regulation and Enterprising Chaos Ensued

A recent explosion of "surf by" lawsuits accusing consumer-facing websites of violating Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act has businesses demanding regulations setting the minimum requirements to render commercial websites accessible to disabled visitors

Interview with Marcy Sutton – Part 1

Marcy tells us that it’s important for folks in the accessibility community to listen to developers’ needs, and to stop making people feel bad about accessibility.

Quick Tip: ADA Compliant?

We often hear the term "ADA compliant" in relation to web accessibility. While it has been clarified than an inaccessible web site can be considered discriminatory under the Americans with Disabilities Act, there are not yet technical specifications for what that means. So, it's difficult to know if a web site meets the ADA. However, nearly all lawsuits and complaints under the ADA have referenced the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level A and AA as the desired measure of accessibility.

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