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October 2018 Newsletter


Survey of Users with Low Vision #2 Results

Results of WebAIM's recent survey are available. A summary is available at https://webaim.org/blog/low-vision-survey2-results/


WebAIM Training

Seats are still available for the December 4-5 WebAIM web accessibility training in Utah.

Accessing Higher Ground

Join us November 12-16 at the Accessing Higher Ground conference in Westminster, Colorado.

Digital Accessibility Legal Summit

The first ever Digital Accessibility Legal Summits will be held in December and March.


The Role of Procurement in Digital Accessibility

Online learning associations WCET and the Online Learning Consortium jointly invited and published a WebAIM/NCDAE blog on procurement in higher education.

Designing Accessible Content: Typography, Font Styling, and Structure

Creating and designing accessible content means more than just choosing accessible typography. Even with "perfect" font families in place on your website, people with low vision, cognitive, language, and learning disabilities may still struggle to process the text.

How to get started with website accessibility

Ben Robertson presents four basic principles for developing accessible websites.

The Importance of Heading Levels for Assistive Technology

Eric Bailey provides a primer for proper heading usage.

Inclusive Design 24

24 hours of web accessibility presentations on a wide variety of accessibility topics.

Quick Tip: Color Reliance

The recent WebAIM Survey of Users with Low Vision revealed that over 50% of respondents enable high contrast or override browser colors or styles. This means that many users with low vision will not be seeing your page in the colors you have defined. Web pages should be designed so they maintain their usability, even when the color information is lost or changed. While the wise use of color will enhance usability and accessibility, ensure that color is not used as the only mechanism for conveying information, meaning, or functionality.

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