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November 2019 Newsletter


NEW: StrategicA11y - The Strategic Web Accessibility Workshop

There's more to accessibility than HTML. Learn how to foster an internal culture of accessible design and development holistically, at all levels of your organization. May 19-21.

Dr. Cyndi Rowland honored by education technology leader

WebAIM's director was recognized last week with the Richard Jonsen award, the highest honor given by WCET to an individual who has made a significant, life-long contribution to the e-learning community.

2019 Web Almanac Report on Accessibility

This broad, automated analysis of accessibility issues on the web identifies notable and pervasive issues. The results are in close alignment with The WebAIM Million analysis conducted earlier this year.


Who can use this color combination?

A nifty tool to test the impact of certain color combinations for users with various types of visual disabilities.

Checklist to avoid the most common accessibility errors

A quick list to address some of the most common and most impactful accessibility issues found on web pages.

Accessibility drives aesthetics

Alex Chen's rebuttal to a recent article claiming conflicts between accessibility and visual design.

Demystifying WAI-ARIA - 18 WAI-ARIA attributes that every web developer should know

When a developer who is new to accessibility looks at the ARIA specification it can be seem intimidating, but it doesn't need to be.

Quick Tip: Language of content in a page

The language of a web page must be identified with the lang attribute on the <html> element. This helps ensure that a screen reader will present the content using the appropriate language vocabulary, intonations, and pronunciations. If a portion of a page is in a different language than the rest of the page, such as a quote in French on an English page, then the language of this content must also be identified using the lang attribute. This is only necessary and useful for other-language content that would not be understood in the page language - "Los Angeles", for example, is a Spanish word, but is understood in English.

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