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StrategicA11y - Virtual Strategic Web Accessibility Workshop

Registration is currently closed for our virtual strategic accessibility workshop. We will announce our next dates soon. Please contact us if you have any questions

System-wide Organizational Web Accessibility

Friendly faces of people communicting onlineWhen: TBA
Where: Online over Zoom
Cost: $1,200/person ($1,000/person for groups of two or more)

Join WebAIM's highly regarded staff for three days of StrategicA11Y: The Strategic Web Accessibility Workshop.

Web accessibility is an issue of civil rights for individuals with disabilities. Organizations are often challenged to achieve system-level accessibility that can be sustained over time. While typical conferences and workshops on web accessibility provide key information or training on discrete elements of web accessibility, these are often tactical in nature - they hit one problem, then another. It is time to move away from a tactical approach to one that is strategic in nature.

This three-day meeting will help participants think in strategic ways about the accessibility of their broader systems, making accessibility a systemic issue that must be conquered, if it is to be sustained. At the end of the workshop, participants will leave having engaged strategically and ready to develop a written plan to implement accessibility in a way that will be optimal for their organizations.

Note on terminology: “A11y” is short for the word “accessibility”: the first letter, the last letter, and 11 letters in between.

When you register for this workshop, you will receive:

  • A seat in the StrategicA11y Workshop (15 hours of collaborative learning).
  • Enrollment in Accessible Documents Course (a $125 value).
  • 1 individualized consultation hour after the workshop concludes.

Workshop Overview

Each day, we will meet 11:30–2pm Eastern time, take a one-hour break, and then finish 3–5:30pm.

Topics critical to system-change will each receive specific attention. Those topics are:

  1. Gaining true executive support and securing participation of those affected throughout the process
  2. Creating a policy
  3. Creating an implementation plan to frame your work
  4. Culture of communication and motivation
  5. Procedures across your enterprise (e.g., procurement, HR, workflow)
  6. Professional development (training and supports)
  7. Evaluating your efforts (both accessibility and system work)

Participants can expect to receive a presentation on each topic with an eye for action. Examples or case studies by experts in the field will reinforce practicality and strategy. Experts will join WebAIM staff for the workshop from fields like education, nonprofit, industry, or government. Participants will have opportunities to discuss details and challenges for each topic that are relevant to their own organization or system. Each topic will conclude with opportunities for participants to identify strategic tasks that would benefit their organization's path toward accessibility. Participants will leave with resources they can use for ongoing efforts (e.g., budgeting, what's out there in terms of tools, where can I access knowledge on new topics right away).

Customized strategic accessibility workshops

As an alternative to our hosted workshop, WebAIM can provide a customized Strategic Web Accessibility workshop tailored specifically to your organization's needs. This workshop can be provided online or on-site at your organization.

Learn more about customizing strategic accessibility workshops

Materials will be provided for each key topic so participants can begin or expand the process of building a strategic framework. Participants will leave having prioritized the work they will recommend to their organization. They can then sketch out their proposed plan for action (i.e., what needs to be done, how, by whom, on what timeline). An optional meeting scheduled with the group a week or two later will allow for feedback and questions on the action plans created by workshop participants.

One to two months after the workshop, WebAIM staff will provide one hour of personalized consultation to answer additional questions that may have arisen.

Complimentary Document Accessibility Training

Training participants receive a complimentary enrollment for WebAIM's Document (Word, PowerPoint, and PDF) Accessibility online course - a $125 value.

If you want to learn the skills required to ensure your organization makes a successful shift to sustainable accessibility practices, this training will provide what you need. We'll also provide the resources and information you need to empower your organization to meet future accessibility needs.

WebAIM has trained tens of thousands of web developers across the world. Clients include PayPal, IBM, eBay, the Internal Revenue Service, several state governments, and over 200 colleges and universities. WebAIM trainers have presented at hundreds of conferences and meetings around the world and are active in web accessibility standards development.

Technical Web Accessibility Training

If you are interested in learning the technical aspects of implementing and evaluating web accessibility, please check out the standard WebAIM training.

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the workshop or the registration process, please contact us