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January 2020 Newsletter



Join us as we celebrate 20 years of WebAIM!


WebAIM Training

Registration is now open for the next WebAIM technical training to be held April 22-23 in Logan, Utah.


Roles and relationships

Sarah Higley provides excellent guidance and stern warnings about ARIA usage.

Standards for Writing Accessibly

Writing to meet WCAG2 standards can be a challenge, but it's worthwhile.

Vendor Responsibilities for Accessibility

Government entities have an obligation to ensure that their digital systems and content are accessible to everyone.

Checking 3rd Party Vendors' Product Accessibility

How can you improve your chances of procuring an accessible product from a 3rd party vendor?

My Priority of Methods for Labeling a Control

Adrian Roselli outlines various approaches for ensuring form controls are accessible.

Overlays are not the solution to your accessibility problem

In the long run they will hurt, not help your approach to people with disabilities.

Quick Tip: Contrast of Link States

The Chrome and Firefox Developer Tools provide options to enable the active, hover, focus, focus-within, and visited states of inspected links. You can then easily view and check the contrast of links while in these various states.

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