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November 2020 Newsletter

WebAIM is celebrating 20 years of improving online accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

#WebAIM20th Fun Fact: The WebAIM Blog has been online since 2006. We've made 167 blog posts which have received 1,716 comments. Our spam filter has blocked 80,846 spam comments.


Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners

A new WebAIM survey is open for anyone that implements accessibility. This is a follow-up to previous surveys. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey to provide valuable data and insight into the web accessibility field and practices.


WebAIM Virtual Training

A few seats remain available for next week's virtual web accessibility training to be held December 2-3. Registration for a January 27-28 training will open soon.

W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0 - Draft

An initial draft of the next major version of WCAG is available for review and public feedback.


Not so short note on aria-label usage – Big Table Edition

Steve Faulkner provides guidance and warnings for the use of aria-label.

Under-Engineered Responsive Tables

Adrian Roselli documents the bare minimum you need to make a WCAG-compliant responsive HTML table.

From The Experts: Global Digital Accessibility Developments During COVID-19

Senior accessibility guests from global brands discuss the challenges and opportunities brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UX of Among Us: The importance of colorblind-friendly design

Unma Desai presents a case study on the massively popular game Among Us, which relies on color encoding as a primary identifier for players.

Accessibility of Content Management Systems – what's stopping us?

Exploring why we all want Content Management Systems to be accessible. Yet hardly any of them are.

3D Model Accessibility

Research, testing, and recommendations for making 3D models on the web accessible to all.

Quick Tip: Headings

Properly tagged headings allow screen reader users to "skim" a page by reading those headings. Be sure to use heading level 1 for main headings, heading level 2 for subsections, and so forth. Clear headings help ALL users to find the information they need more easily.

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