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Tips for Accessible Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing Has Become Much More Common For many of us, phone calls have largely been replaced with meetings over video conferencing platforms like Zoom. One advantage to these platforms is the ability to share computer screens. We have all likely been in virtual meetings where someone says, “it’s easier if I just share my […]

The WebAIM Million – 2022 Update

The 2022 WebAIM Million Report is now available. This annual accessibility analysis of the home pages of the top one million web sites provides insight into the current state of and trends for web accessibility. The report provides details into technical aspects of accessibility and comparisons for many types of home page characteristics, such as by top-level […]

Introducing the Accessibility IMpact (AIM) Score and Other WAVE Updates

We’re excited to announce the Accessibility IMpact (AIM) score and service. The AIM score provides a measure of user experience quality for users with disabilities. It combines an Automated Accessibility Score based on WAVE data, and a Manual Accessibility Impact Score based on expert manual testing. This service provides a low-cost option for obtaining the […]

The crisis is real: Where are the web accessibility professionals?

Like everyone in the web accessibility field, WebAIM has a vested interest in a sufficiently-sized community comprised of skilled professionals. The shortage of qualified talent is felt by all of us. But from where will these individuals come, and how can we accelerate their availability? The personnel drought will continue The need is here now, […]

Google Announces Seismic Change to Docs

A May 11 announcement on Google Workspace Updates appears to abandon the current model of support for assistive technologies: Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be migrating the underlying technical implementation of Docs from the current HTML-based rendering approach to a canvas-based approach to improve performance and improve consistency in how content […]