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New Site-wide WAVE Tools

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool logoWe’re happy to announce the release of several new options for using WAVE to evaluate pages across web sites. While the power of WAVE is in facilitating in-depth manual analysis of a web page, these new tools allow you to easily collect data for any number of web pages on your sites.

WAVE Stand-alone API

While we have offered a subscription WAVE API for some time, this API has been updated and is now available for licensing as a stand-alone, installable WAVE API engine package. This stand-alone API brings the power of WAVE inside your enterprise to allow fast, easy, and highly customizable checking of pages via your own servers.

Learn more about the WAVE Stand-alone API

Pope Tech Accessibility – Powered by WAVE

Pope Tech logoWebAIM is collaborating with Pope Tech to develop an enterprise level accessibility reporting system based on WAVE. The Pope Tech subscription-based service will provide powerful, economical tools, such as site spidering/crawling, platform organization and administration, custom dashboards, and more to give you the powerful data needed to put you in control of your accessibility efforts.

Pope Tech is looking for initial partners to help drive the development and features of this tool.

Learn more about Pope Tech

WAVE Runner

WAVE Runner allows you to very easily and inexpensively collect WAVE data about the accessibility of your web site. WAVE Runner delivers:

  1. A color-coded, sortable spreadsheet of all WAVE data for any number of site pages.
  2. A 2-3 page analysis report of the WAVE data authored by one of WebAIM’s web accessibility experts.
  3. Documentation for each data point identified by WAVE so you can begin to address site accessibility issues.

You get WAVE data AND a human analysis of that data AND powerful documentation–and with a guaranteed 5-day turnaround. Pricing starts at $750 for up to 2500 pages.

Learn more about the WAVE Runner service

Future Plans

We’re excited about the future of WAVE! The online WAVE service was used to evaluate over 2.5 million web pages in the last year. We just reached 100,000 active/weekly users of the WAVE Firefox and Chrome extensions. These tools will always be provided freely as a community service by WebAIM, while revenue from the site-wide tools will allow us to continue to improve and expand WAVE functionality.

We are continually improving the WAVE evaluation logic. We’ll be giving the WAVE interface an update in the near future. Open source tools that utilize the subscription and stand-alone APIs are being developed. As always, we’re very open to your feedback on how to make WAVE a more powerful and useful tool for improving web accessibility.

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