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Pope Tech Release and WAVE Roadmap

We’re happy to announce the release of Pope Tech – an enterprise-level web accessibility evaluation system based on WAVE. Pope Tech has been developed and refined for nearly a year. While Pope Tech is already being used by over 120 organizations in Higher Ed, K-12, Hospitality, Entertainment, Government, eCommerce, and the Financial industry, today’s release […]

Web Accessibility Practitioners Survey #2 Results

The results from the April 2018 Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners are now available at http://webaim.org/projects/practitionersurvey2/. There were 724 respondents. This was a follow-up to the 2014 Practitioners Survey. Here are a few interesting and surprising findings: Those in the web accessibility field were generally older, better paid, and better educated than our peers in […]

Overly Accessible?

I was invited to give a presentation on web accessibility for a university Business Information Systems class last week. During the presentation a student asked a fantastic question – “Is it possible for a web page to be overly accessible?” I’ve been working in the accessibility field for a very long time, but had never […]

DOJ Withdraws ADA Rulemaking Process

Today the Department of Justice announced that it is withdrawing the process for updating technical guidance for websites under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This leaves the web in a precarious position – one where inaccessibility can be considered discriminatory, but without any guidance as to what “inaccessibility” actually means. In 2010, the DOJ issued […]

Screen Reader User Survey #7 Results

The full results from our most recent Screen Reader User Survey are available at https://webaim.org/projects/screenreadersurvey7/. There were 1792 valid responses to the survey, which was conducted October 2017. Here are a few notable items and changes from previous surveys (the most recent having been conducted in July 2015): This survey had more representation world-wide then […]