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RE: skip to content, where and how many?


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Mar 1, 2002 12:18AM


Probably, the optimal behaviour would be to have the user skip to the first
line of content within the section. However, in this situation, it might
work better to do what you are proposing. The fact is that you cannot
guarantee that the first line of content will be within an H1 tag. -- and
like you mention, if the person designing the site deletes that tag, they
may not add back what they need to in order to have the skip link work

Instead of thinking of the links as a way to allow users to skip past parts
of the page, think of them as links to help the user skip more quickly to
specific areas of the page. I definitely agree, if your major sections are
the navigational and content sections, it would help to allow users to
navigate as quickly to these specific areas when they need to do so.

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