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Re: NAD v. Netflix: "This is a bad ruling. Really terrible."


From: Susan Grossman
Date: Jun 27, 2012 10:43AM

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 8:28 AM, Ryan Hemphill < <EMAIL REMOVED>
> wrote:

> I read that post. That is disgusting. The fact that the title is what it
> is shows an incredibly callous attitude. It's a weird situation. If that
> guy saw a blind man who needed help to cross the street, he'd help - but
> when he thinks about "Blind People" in the abstract, helping them is seen
> as nothing but an unfair burden. The move from singular to plural seems to
> create a mental gap in empathy.
> There are such strange people in this world.
> - Ryan

Am getting some of these kinds of words and push back from some clients now
too. They call it big government and Welfare for cripples - yeah you read
that correctly, and in a corporate meeting. Luckily the PM jumped in and
stopped that line of talk by simply saying it's a requirement, just like
the Flash they wanted - both in the original RFP.

This seems to be a side effect of a big symptom - not helping others, even
to cross the street, and is very disturbing.

I don't get how so many people bought into this ugliness in the comments,
and bolstered each other into saying very very nasty things, as if it was
all OK.

*Susan R. Grossman*