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Re: accessible date pickers revisited


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: May 15, 2014 11:00AM

Greetings, WebAIM:

To continue this discussion (with myself, at least at the moment) and
to capture a bit of my research...

I took a look at the date picker in the recently released Assets Framework:


And it looks pretty good to me, from a screen reader user perspective.

Apparently, it's based on this jQuery plugin:
[where there has been some attention to accessibility -- hurray!]

For the record, in case others use the WebAIM archives as often as I
do, below my name are a few more examples that I've checked. Some of
them were discussed in the previous thread on this topic.

Part of why I like the Assets Framework option is that it does offer
the date entry option, along with a calendar.
At least with JFW 15, however, I'd prefer to see the "expected date
format" in the edit box label, rather than below; however, this may
just be to show it as an example.




[this is the blog post that I sent to WebAIM last September -- the
item that started the original thread.]

[See the example under ARIA Date Pickers, but probably a bit too
complex for my needs.]