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RE: lynx viewer


From: Glenda Watson Hyatt
Date: Jan 30, 2002 2:27AM

Paul wrote:
> One tool that I use to simulate linearization is the Opera browser
> (www.opera.com). There is a setting (File > Preferences) called
> "Page Style"
> which lets you choose how pages will be displayed. There is "Author Mode"
> and "User Mode", both of which are customizable. Under user mode, you can
> uncheck the "Tables" option, which will cause the page to render without
> tables when it is in user mode. You will get an idea of how a page will
> sound when read by a screen reader this way.
I tried this as I have a complex table with axis that I would like to "see"
how it "hears" -- I don't have a screen reader, yet. Perhaps I'm looking in
the wrong place, but I don't see "page style". Where should I be looking?

And, while I'm here, is there a simple way to do table axis in FrontPage? I
ended up handcoding them.


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