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Web Accessibility Training Products

WebAIM can help put your organization on the Fast Track to Web accessibility.

The WebAIM Guide to Web Accessibility Techniques and Concepts CD-ROM will be available May 2, 2005. This guide is ideal for education, government, business, health care, and Web developers. Preview sample pages from the CD-ROM. See our feature comparison chart to choose the package that is right for you. Licenses are available for single users, organizations, institutions, and more. Pre-order your training CD-ROM and see our pricing information.

Featured Article

The Web Developer Extension for Mozilla-based Browsers

Author: Jennifer Dance (WebAIM)

The Web Developer extension, created by Chris Pederick, and available at www.chrispederick.com is a very popular and useful resource for Web designers. This article will specifically focus on the tools this extension provides that can help developers create more accessible Web content.

Read the full article: The Web Developer Extension for Mozilla-based Browsers

On Target Webcasts

Web Accessibility for Community Colleges: Part 2

The Great Plains ADA & IT Center is offering a free 60 minute Webcast titled: Web Accessibility for Community Colleges: Part 2. The Webcast will be Tuesday, April 19, 2pm Mountain Standard Time. Paul Bohman and Jared Smith from WebAIM will be the instructors. This Webcast will provide specifics on common web accessibility problems and how to correct or avoid them. For more information or to register for the Webcast, visit the Great Plains ADA & IT Center Web site. (If you missed the first Webcast of this series, listen to the archived version or read a transcript.)

Computer-based Assessment and Testing: Access or Accommodation.

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE) invites you to join them for a live audio Webcast titled: Computer-based Assessment and Testing: Access or Accommodation. The Webcast will be Wednesday, April 20, 1pm Mountain Standard Time. The Webcast is free of charge. For more information: NCDAE Webcast.

On Target Tips

Lower-Literacy Users

Jakob Nielsen provides tips to design Web content for lower-literacy users (perhaps as many as 30% of Web users). Redesigning Web content for lower-literacy users also increases usability for higher-literacy users.

More Nifty Corners

A few weeks ago, Alessandro Fulciniti's Nifty Corners explained the image-less rounded corner technique. In Fulciniti's More Nifty Corners, he adds support for anti-aliasing, borders, application/xhtml+xml and more.

On Target Resources

Accessible Content Magazine

Accessible Content Magazine (ACM) is devoted entirely to accessibility issues. This magazine includes how-to articles, skill building exercises, product profiles and accessibility community news to the professionals who create and maintain accessible content. ACM is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal. Look for an article contributed by Jon Whiting of WebAIM in the next issue. Accessible Content Magazine is available in print and online.

Access Matters

Bob Easton's new weblog, Access Matters, uses a quiz format to encourage discussion on the best practices in Web accessibility. The questions are grouped by WCAG 2.0 principles.

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