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Infographic: Web Accessibility for Designers

This new infographic highlights important principles of accessible web design.


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM has scheduled our next two-day training for October 12-13, 2011.

Tips and Resources

HTML5 Accessibility Chops: the figure and figcaption elements

A discussion of the problems in making videos accessible, and a list of resources to help make your videos more accessible!

Musings on Microsoft Office: Alt Text, Save as PDF and More

Terrill Thompson provides the complications and solutions to making documents accessible in Microsoft Office.

Pearson Guidelines for Accessible Educational Web Media

Pearson gives their basic guidelines for making web media accessible to all students.

Accessibility in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

An overview of the accessibility features in the newly released Mac OS.

3 Ways to Make Check Boxes, Radio Buttons Easier to Click

Radio buttons and check boxes are a necessary part of forms, but using these tricks, you can make your form more accessible.

Quick Tip: Succinct Alternative Text

Alternative text should be succinct. There is not a defined maximum length for alt text, but a rough guideline of around 100 characters is generally a good threshold. Alternative text longer than around 100 characters typically indicates that the content should be provided some other way (such as in text in the context of the image, on a separate description page, etc.).

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