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Newsletter - March 2011


Microsoft Announces Free Accessibility Tools and Training to Developers

Microsoft Corp. announced the immediate availability of their free accessibility tools and training at CSUN, March 17.

Web Accessibility Toolbar 2011

The Paciello Group has released an update to the Web Accessibility Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM has scheduled our next two-day training for May 25-26, 2011.

Tips and Resources

Accessible YouTube and HTML5 Video

Need a resource for finding the best way to make your video accessible? Check out WebAxe's roundup of accessible online video options.

Source order and display order should match

Roger Johansson explains the importance of logical reading and navigation order.

The Great Big List from the 2011 CSUN International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference

Christopher Phillips has compiled an extensive compilation of CSUN conference resources.

UK Census: Why Target Screen Reader Users?

Gez Lemon describes an increasingly common practice of verbose, unnecessary content targeted only for screen reader users.

Why we should support users with no Javascript

Why should we want to support users that, for whatever reason, have Javascript disabled?

Quick Tip: Line Length

Pages should be designed so the line length, the number of characters that appear per line, should be neither too short nor too long. Anything more than around 80 characters can introduce reading difficulties in scanning from the end of a line of text to the beginning of the next line. Short line lengths also introduce difficulty and vertical scrolling. The width of the body area of a web page should be constructed to ensure that lines of text are constrained to both minimum and maximum lengths across both small (such as mobile devices) and large screen resolutions.

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