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WebAIM provides clarification and recommendations for the next version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


Are Delay Tactics Preventing Passage of New Section 508 Disability Law?

The Paciello Group's Brian Landrigan comments on the Section 508 update process.


Join the WebAIM crew in San Diego at the CSUN International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference February 27 - March 3. We'll be offering a variety of presentations and workshops, and hope to see you there.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM has scheduled our next two-day training for March 28-29, 2012.

Tips and Resources

Keyboard Equivalent of Looking

An interesting perspective on how keyboard users navigate through a page.

HTML5 Accessibility Chops: title attribute use and abuse

An overview of accessibility issues with the title attribute, and recommendations for fixing them.

New in accessibility in Firefox 10

Firefox 10 has just been released. Marco Zehe outlines new accessibility features and bug fixes.

Accessibility and Wordpress

A "quick accessibility jump point" for Wordpress users.

Web Accessibility Conferences 2012

Get your calendars ready for this list of web accessibility conferences in 2012.

JAWS 11 and IE 9

Roger Hudson explores a new JAWS and IE bug.

Quick Tip: Text Readability

Keep the following guidelines in mind for displaying text:

  • Avoid very small text. This not only impacts some users with low vision, but many users with cognitive disabilities as well.
  • While serif fonts (e.g., Times) are more readable when printed, both serif and sans-serif fonts are appropriate when displaying body text onscreen, as long as the font is clean and readable.
  • Underlined text should be avoided, except to designate links.
  • Minimize the number of different fonts used on a page. Two to three fonts is optimal.
  • ALL CAPS should be used minimally. It is more difficult to read and is often interpreted as "shouting". Additionally, screen readers may read all-caps text letter by letter (like an acronym) rather than as full words.

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