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Screen Reader User Survey #4 Results

WebAIM is pleased to announce the results of the fourth Screen Reader User Survey.


Accessibility Summit

Watch WebAIM's Jared Smith and other accessibility experts in this all-day online conference on September 25.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Both new and former training participants are invited to join WebAIM for two days of advanced web accessibility training August 29-30.

Tips and Resources

Good Examples of Accessible Websites

Results from Terrill Thompson's analysis of the top 130 accessible websites.

What's "large text" in WCAG 2.0 parlance?

Steve Faulkner deciphers and provides recommendations for WCAG 2.0's definition of "large text".

A Look Behind the Scenes--Part III: Website Accessibility Isn't an Exact Science

A discussion on updates and constraints to accessibility on the new disability.gov site.

Hiding visible content from screen readers with aria-hidden

ARIA provides a method, though rarely needed, of hiding visual content from screen readers.

Accessibility cheat sheets

The GOALS project, a partner of WebAIM, has created a series of "cheat sheets" on creating accessible content in Microsoft Office and Acrobat.

A11y Memes

This site provides humorous insight into the accessibility field through meme images, including accessible text descriptions.

Quick Tip: ARIA Alert Roles

ARIA role="alert" can be used for very important messages that a screen reader should read immediately, even if keyboard focus is not set to that element. ARIA alerts are typically triggered with scripting, such as when a critical form error has been detected. Because ARIA alerts are very intrusive (they read immediately regardless of screen reader status or focus position), they should be used with great care and only for very important messages.

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