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December 2013 Newsletter


New WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey

6 years after the original, WebAIM has just released the 5th in our series of Screen Reader User Surveys. The survey will be open for responses through December 15th.


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's January 14-15 web accessibility training in Logan, Utah is full, but we are currently accepting registrations for our May 6-7 training.


Annual Disability Statistics Compendium

This great resource provides disability prevalence and other useful disability statistics for the United States.

Using ARIA to Enhance SVG

TPG's LĂ©onie Watson outlines how Scalable Vector Graphics can be made more accessible using ARIA.

Web Accessibility: Skip Navigation Links

This article provides practical implementation advice for "skip" links.

Five Fundamentals of Accessible Responsive Web Design

Excellent exploration of the intersection of web accessibility and responsive web design.

Quick Tip: Scaling Images

Users with low vision often use a screen enlarger to increase the size of elements in a web page. Images can become pixelated or blocky when they are enlarged. Text within images can become particularly difficult to read. When you can get the same visual presentation using real text, you should use it instead of text within images. When images that contain text are used, ensure that the text remains readable when the image is at least doubled in size. Using sans-serif fonts and adequate contrast makes enlarged text in images more readable.

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