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November 2013 Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving

As the WebAIM staff go our various directions to spend this holiday with friends and family, we express our thanks to the many amazing people in the accessibility community who envision a web that is accessible to all.


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's next web accessibility training is scheduled for January 14-15 in Logan, Utah.

New WebAIM Screen Reader Survey in December

WebAIM will be releasing another in our series of screen reader user surveys in the coming weeks. If you have recommendations for the survey, please contact us


Image alt Exception Change Re-Re-Re-Requested

Adrian Roselli describes the arguments for and against a modification to the way in which alternative text is addressed in WCAG documentation.

Short Note on ARIA, Dragon and Standards

Steve Faulkner presents accessibility as a social contract and explains the role of assistive technology in supporting standards.

The weird and wonderful reasons why people use subtitles / captions

Henny Swan presented a simple question and collected the Twitter responses of how everyone can benefit from captions and subtitles.

Quick Tip: Contrast Checking

While WCAG 2.0 outlines specific requirements for contrast between text and background colors, these can sometimes be difficult to test. Tools, such as WAVE or the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker, make this easier. Common sense and some basic testing can usually be used to identify potential contrast issues. Printing the page on a black/white printer, decreasing your screen brightness (this is particularly helpful on mobile devices), and even squinting while viewing the page can make contrast issues more apparent.

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