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December 2014 Newsletter


Happy Holidays!

The WebAIM team wishes you all a happy holiday season and a more accessible 2015.

Advanced Form Labeling

WebAIM's forms article has been expanded to include information on aria-labelledby and aria-describedby.


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's January training is full. Our next available training will be held April 14-15, 2015 in Logan, Utah.


Accessible in-page tabs

Russ Weakley's excellent video tutorial on accessible tab panel navigation.

Digital Accessibility Legal Update (December 2014)

The update of recent legal developments impacting technology and information access for people with disabilities.

Google's No Captcha Shows Some Progress

An overview of the accessibility of Google's newly updated reCaptcha.

On the accessibility of web components. Again.

Bruce Lawson provides great advice for ensuring web components support accessibility.

Quick Tip: Are "Skip" Links Still Necessary?

"Skip to main content" or "skip navigation" links provide a mechanism for keyboard users to jump over repetitive navigation directly to the main content of a page. Headings, ARIA landmarks, HTML5 structural elements (particularly <main>), etc., also provide elements which users can navigate to get to main content, but navigation by these elements is not yet supported in standard browsers for sighted keyboard-only users who are not using screen readers. Because of this, "skip" links still provide very useful functionality for sighted keyboard users. "Skip" links can, however, be hidden visually until they receive keyboard focus.

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