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January 2014 Newsletter


WCAG 2 and Accessibility Support

A discussion on how technology support requirements for WCAG 2.0 documentation are impacting innovation.

Loss Aversion and Web Accessibility

Is the fear of decreased accessibility causing overly-verbose and less effective accessibility efforts?


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's next web accessibility training will be held May 6-7 in Logan, Utah.

WCAG-EM: Call for Review

The W3C is soliciting feedback on the final Working Draft of Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM).

Window-Eyes Initiative for Users of Microsoft Office

The Window-Eyes screen reader is now freely offered to users of Microsoft Office.


Section 508 Refresh Projected Timing (2014)

"...the earliest implementation time frame for the updated standards would be Q2 2016."

Endangered Species of the Web: The Image

Christian Heilmann explores the use, misuse, and abuse of web images, and discusses proper image accessibility.

GOALS Blueprint for Institutional Web Accessibility

NCDAE, one of WebAIM's partners, provides an outline to guide you through several key phases of implementing institutional accessibility.

8 Trillion Reasons to Make Your Technology Accessible

This study estimates the world-wide discretionary income of individuals with disabilities at $8 trillion.

Quick Tip: Link and Button Roles

Buttons should only be used when form data is being submitted or when other in-page elements are being controlled or manipulated. Links, on the other hand, should be used when a context change will occur for the user - such as going to another page or jumping to another position within a page. Because links and buttons are identified differently by screen readers (e.g., "Search link" versus "Search button"), they should be used appropriately (i.e., links to do link functions and buttons to do button functions). Sometimes constraints may make it difficult to use the appropriate element. In these cases, role="link" or role="button" can be added to cause the element to be identified appropriately in screen readers.

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