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June 2014 Newsletter


Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners

If you do web accessibility work, we invite you to take a few minutes to complete this important survey.


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's August training is already full, but we'll soon be scheduling another training for the fall.


Accessibility 102: The WAVE Accessibility Tool

This brief online course provides an overview of using WAVE to evaluate web accessibility

Does that WCAG 2 Success Criteria Really Apply?

Jonathan Avila explores several commonly-misunderstood WCAG 2 success criteria.

3% of users browse with IE9 and 14% of users have a disability. Why do we only cater for the former?

This post discusses developer awareness and priorities for web accessibility.

Mobile And Accessibility: Why You Should Care And What You Can Do About It

Mobile has revolutionized the way we use the web. This is especially true of disabled users, for whom mobile devices open the door to a whole new spectrum of interactions.

HTML5 accessibility implementation support in browsers

Steve Faulkner has updated and improved his research on ARIA and HTML5 accessibility support in modern browsers.

Quick Tip: Hiding Content with ARIA

The aria-hidden="true" attribute will hide content from screen reader users, even if that content is visually presented within the page. It is very rare that one would present content visually that would not be presented to screen reader users. In nearly all cases, content with aria-hidden="true" should be hidden from all users using CSS display:none.

Sometimes content (such as form error messages) can be hidden or revealed based on the user interaction. With ARIA and CSS, a developer can focus on changing semantic ARIA values while allowing CSS to toggle the visual presentation. CSS of [aria-hidden:true] {display:none} will hide content when aria-hidden has a value of true. By toggling an element's aria-hidden value between true and false, the content will automatically display or hide visually as well.

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