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June 2015 Newsletter


WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #6

The 6th in our series of screen reader user surveys is now available. The survey will remain open through July 24th.


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Registration is now open for the October 6-7 WebAIM training to be held in Logan, Utah.


The ARIA Role Conformance Matrices

An overview and mapping of ARIA roles and properties to help guide proper implementation.

A Journey Into Web Accessibility

Steven Bradley's story of his initial efforts in web accessibility.

Fear-Based Incentives or System 2 Thinking: Which Accessibility Road Will You Choose?

Mike Paciello explores the implications of lawsuits and federal inquiries, and proposes alternative strategies for supporting accessibility.

How to map your Mac’s CapsLock key to a NVDA or JAWS key in a Windows virtual machine

The ultimate way to map the CapsLock key of your MacBook to be used as a NVDA or JAWS modifier key in a virtual machine running Windows.

Visual design and colour accessibility

Making sure that text colours in your digital interface are accessible for your users is a really important aspect of a well executed visual design.

The Accessibility Cheatsheet

An overview of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines with practical examples of how to implement them.

Quick Tip: Invalid Form Controls

Presenting invalid form controls (form controls that have a known error, such as a required field that the user has not entered) in an accessible way introduces unique accessibility challenges. Typically color (such as a red text label and/or a red border) can provide a distinctive visual indication of the errant control, but this is not accessible to some users. Other approaches involve adding descriptive error text to the form label, which can be overwhelming visually and perhaps overly verbose for screen reader users.

By adding the aria-invalid="true" attribute to the errant control (in addition to a visual indication), a screen reader will identify the control as being invalid. This provides for much more simple and accessible form error identification.

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