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January 2016 Newsletter


Keyboard Accessibility

Keyboard accessibility issues are increasing in prevalence and significance. We have updated our keyboard accessibility article with updated information and recommendations.


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Our February training is now full. We have just opened registration for a training to be held April 12-13, 2016 in Logan, Utah. Register now to secure your seat.


Making conference videos more accessible

If conference videos are made more accessible, they can be shared with a wider audience. This article explains how the Fronteers conference made it happen.

Extensions to WCAG 2.0

An overview of how WCAG extensions will help address technology changes and meet the needs of users with low vision and cognitive and learning disabilities.

I'm an accessibility consultant. Stop hiring me.

"You should stop hiring accessibility consultants. The work is awful, and nobody wants to do it." Joe Dolson argues for native accessibility and education over evaluation and repair.

The accessibility stack: making a better layer cake

One way to prevent avoidable issues is to approach building for accessibility the way you build a web or native app from the ground up, in a stack of technologies, where each one has its role to play.

Woe-ARIA: The Surprisingly but Ridiculously Complicated World of aria-label/ledby

aria-label and aria-labelledby. They’re awesome. Authors can just use them to make screen readers speak the right thing. Simple, right? Not at all.

Section 508, WCAG 2.0, Oh My!

Tracy Mitrano discusses the complexities of current legal accessibility standards (and the lack thereof) and their applicability to higher education.

Quick Tip: Landmark usage

Landmarks facilitate quick navigation to page areas - main content, navigation, header, footer, search, etc. To be most usable, the number of landmarks should be limited to identify only the significant page areas. As Steve Faulkner tweeted, "Goldilocks discovers Landmarks: 1-3 = not bad, 4-6 = just right, 7+ = too much."

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