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May 2017 Newsletter


To ARIA! The Cause of, and Solution to, All Our Accessibility Problems

After looking at hundreds of real-world ARIA uses and abuses, it is clear that some ARIA attributes are typically used in ways that cause more problems than they solve, while other attributes should be used more often to solve specific problems.


WebAIM Training

Registration is open for the WebAIM training to be held August 29-30 in Logan, Utah.


Anatomy of an Accessible Auto Suggest

These days auto-suggest is everywhere, from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, to shopping sites like eBay and Amazon, and even in occupation validation for credit card applications.

Improving access to landmark navigation

Landmark-based navigation is a great way to signpost to screen reader users areas of content in a page such as main content, the header, navigation, search and so on. The Landmarks extension allows everyone, including keyboard-only users, to discover and navigate landmarks.

Accessibly labelling interactive elements

Names and descriptions can help your users figure out which elements they are interacting with, and what they are for. In this post Hidde de Vries explains implicit and explicit labelling methods and discusses how to future-proof your labels.

Why headings and landmarks are so important - A11ycasts #18

Another excellent installment in the Accessibility Fundamentals video series.

How Many People With Disabilities Use My Website?

Want to know how many people with disabilities use your site? In this post, we'll explore why that may not be as easy as you might think.

Your Body Text Is Too Small

Why website body text should be bigger, and ways to optimize it.

Quick Tip: Using aria-expanded

The aria-expanded attribute can increase accessibility of basic accordions which expand and collapse page content. This attribute is added to the link or button that controls the expanding content. The value (true or false) must be dynamically set to indicate the current state. A screen reader will speak "Expanded" or "Collapsed" when the control is accessed, thus indicating the current state and that activating the control will toggle the state.

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