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November 2017 Newsletter


New Site-wide WAVE Tools

WebAIM is excited to announce several new options for using WAVE to conduct site-wide accessibility testing.

Steps You Can Take Now to Address Accessibility at Your Institution

WebAIM and it's partner, the National Center on Disability and Access to Education, posted a joint blog with WCET and Online Learning Consortium on steps that postsecondary institutions can take now to address accessibility. This is based on common requests that come out of OCR resolution letters.


24 A11Y

Daily gifts of accessibility during the season of giving and sharing.


HTML Email and Accessibility

Simple practices you can build into your campaigns that will make your emails more accessible and your subscribers even happier.

Consistently Inconsistent: When the most accessible experience is different for each user

Eric Bailey describes how to best handle browser and screen reader inconsistencies.

Creating a Company Culture that Promotes Accessibility

Mark Lapole presents actionable steps that can be taken within your company to promote accessible designs and help establish digital accessibility as a priority.

Planning for Accessibility

An excerpt from Laura Kalbag's excellent new book - Accessibility for Everyone.

ARIA is Spackle, Not Rebar

Much like their physical counterparts, the materials we use to build websites have purpose. To use them without understanding their strengths and limitations is irresponsible.

Inclusive Design 24

24 hours of presentations on inclusive design organized by our friends at The Paciello Group.

Quick Tip: CSS focus-within

The new :focus-within CSS pseudo-class allows you to define styles for an element that has focus anywhere within it. This can be especially helpful for drawing attention to focused elements and enhancing keyboard and visual accessibility. For example, one could define visual highlighting for a form when a user focuses a field within that form, or highlight a table row if a user navigates to a link or control within that row. This functionality was previously only possible using scripting, but is now increasingly supported using basic CSS.

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