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February 2019 Newsletter


The WebAIM Million

An automated WAVE analysis of the home pages for the top one million web sites shows widespread accessibility issues.


WebAIM Training

Registration is open for WebAIM's web accessibility training to be held May 7-8 in Logan, Utah.

Document Accessibility Training

A new cohort of WebAIM's online Document (Word, PowerPoint, and PDF) Accessibility course will begin March 4th.


The Legal Picture for Web Accessibility in 2019

Although the U.S. Department of Justice has not issued regulations on website accessibility, courts consistently rule that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires commercial websites to be accessible to disabled users.

How A Screen Reader User Accesses The Web: A Smashing Video

Join LĂ©onie Watson (a blind screen reader user) as she explores the web, and find out about some unexpected properties of HTML elements that not only have a huge impact on accessibility, but also turn out to be pretty good for performance, too.

Uncanny A11y

Developers can try so hard to make sure something is accessible that the entire experience becomes weird, confusing, or downright unusable.

Required attribute requirements

Scott O'Hara breaks down the uses and browser/screen reader support for the required and aria-required attributes.

Why do we celebrate inaccessible design?

Designers and developers alike have, as a whole, historically underestimated (or not even considered) the opportunities that designing for accessibility provides for their disciplines.

Quick Tip: Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronyms, abbreviations, and unfamiliar terms should be expanded and explained at their first instance in a web page. This ensures that all users are presented with their meaning. Although HTML provides <abbr> for authors to define acronyms and abbreviations, the expanded meanings are still inaccessible to many users (keyboard or touchscreen users, some screen reader users, etc.), and we discourage its use.

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