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March 2019 Newsletter


Alexa 100 Accessibility Update #2

This analysis of the top 100 sites in 2011, 2017, and today suggest that accessibility may be improving.

Reaction to The WebAIM Million report:


WebAIM Training

Registration is open for WebAIM's web accessibility training to be held May 7-8 in Logan, Utah.

Document Accessibility Training

A new cohort of WebAIM's online Document (Word, PowerPoint, and PDF) Accessibility course will begin April 1st.

Accessibility Insights

Microsoft has released a new tool to support accessibility testing of web content and Windows applications.


Semantics to Screen Readers

A detailed, step-by-step view of how screen readers work.

Collecting dates in an accessible way

How to collect date information in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Having an open dialog

Scott O'hara dissects the current state of modal dialog accessibility.

The "perilous pitfalls" of Accessibility Maturity

18 common pitfalls to accessibility adoption.

Quick Tip: Are "Skip" Links Still Necessary?

"Skip to main content" or "skip navigation" links provide a mechanism for keyboard users to jump over repetitive navigation directly to the main content of a page. Headings, ARIA landmarks, HTML5 structural elements (particularly <main>), etc., also provide elements which users can navigate to get to main content, but navigation by these elements is not yet supported in standard browsers for sighted keyboard-only users who are not using screen readers. Because of this, "skip" links still provide very useful functionality for sighted keyboard users. "Skip" links can, however, be hidden visually until they receive keyboard focus.

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