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March 2020 Newsletter

WebAIM is celebrating 20 years of improving online accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

#WebAIM20th Fun Fact: WebAIM has hosted 62 multi-day, face-to-face web accessibility trainings with over 1,500 web professionals attending at our offices in Logan, Utah.


The WebAIM Million

A significant one-year update is now available to the WebAIM accessibility analysis of one million home pages. This update includes details on changes over the last year, accessibility differences based on page language and category, and much more.


WebAIM Training

Registration is open for the next WebAIM technical training to be held June 24-25 in Logan, Utah.


Keeping Accessibility in Mind During the COVID-19 Conversion of Courses

WebAIM's Cyndi Rowland gives useful and compassionate advice for teachers and faculty suddenly thrust into teaching with technologies.

The History of Digital Accessibility and Why it Matters

What did it take to get here? Many battles, many policies, and a lot of people who care.

Accessibility Maze

This fun (and accessible) game introduces the player to the types of barriers that individuals with disabilities may face online.

Heading off confusion: When do headings fail WCAG?

Despite their longevity, there's still some confusion and ambiguity over the correct use of headings, particularly when it comes to accessibility.

Accessible SVGs: Inclusiveness Beyond Patterns

We are fortunate to have robust patterns to choose from when optimizing accessibility in SVGs - but most people stop there, focusing on code compliance and not actual users and their needs.

Web Accessibility Checklist: 16 Things to Improve Your Website Accessibility

Bruce Lawson provides 16 important items to consider for ensuring your web content is accessible.

Quick Tip: Form Error Messaging

Often, screen reader users are unaware that visible form error messages have appeared. Ensure that form validation errors are clearly identified, that quick access to the problematic element is provided, and that the user can easily fix the error and resubmit the form.

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