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October 2020 Newsletter

WebAIM is celebrating 20 years of improving online accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

#WebAIM20th Fun Fact: The WebAIM.org web site currently has over 80 unique articles and resources on a wide variety of web accessibility topics. The WebAIM email discussion list is quickly approaching 10,000 email threads dating back to 1999.


WebAIM.org Site Updates

The following WebAIM articles have recently been updated and expanded:


WebAIM Virtual Training

Registration is open for the WebAIM virtual web accessibility training to be held December 2-3.


Focus management and inert

Eric Bailey outlines how keyboard focus works and can be managed, and the potential of the inert attribute.

The lang attribute: browsers telling lies, telling sweet little lies

The lang attribute is an essential component in the basic structure of an HTML document. It's important that we define it correctly because it affects many aspects of user experience.

Accessible interactions

Accessibility on the web is easy. Accessibility on the web is also hard. 80% of web accessibility is following basic best practices. The last 20% or so - that's where things get tricky.

Enabling keyboard culture with No Mouse Days

Wouldn't it be great if designers and developers tested their digital experiences for keyboard accessibility on the regular? That's where the #NoMouse challenge and No Mouse Days come in.

Dialog Focus in Screen Readers

Creating an accessible dialog on the web is trickier than it should be.

An opinionated guide to accessibility testing

Identifying (and fixing) accessibility issues is an essential part of any front end developer's skillset, but it can sometimes be difficult to pick out the useful tools and techniques from the not so useful ones.

Quick Tip: Pausing media

Media content that plays automatically when a page loads should generally be avoided. When present, be sure to provide the user with a way to pause the content. This is essential for users who rely on screen readers.

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