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CSUN 2010 Presentations

The WebAIM Team at CSUN - Jared, Dio, Aaron, Kim, Jon, and CyndiCyndi, Kim, Aaron, Dio, Jon, and I from the WebAIM team had a marvelous time at the CSUN conference this year. This annual conference focuses on technology and disability. It was wonderful to meet and visit with so many of you, and to learn about what is new and cool in the field of web accessibility. We had the privilege of providing 7 sessions at this year’s conference. Slides for most of our presentations are available below.

WebAIM was also a proud sponsor of the CSUN Tweetup.

You might also be interested in my Web Accessibility Gone Wild slides (on Slideshare) from the SXSW conference.

We’re already looking forward to being at CSUN again next year!


  1. Cam Nicholl

    Jared, thank you for such a detailed debrief.
    I really wanted to go to CSUN this year but couldn’t.
    At least now I dont feel like I missed it completely
    Thanks again

  2. mspired

    Really thanks for the slides .

  3. Denis Boudreau

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome stuff.