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Donate to John Slatin Fund, get an evaluation

WebAIM has volunteered time to the John Slatin Fund Accessibility Project. John Slatin, who passed away last month after a prolonged battle with leukemia, was a powerful advocate for web accessibility and one of the pioneers in this field. The John Slatin Fund was established to help John’s beloved Anna offset the medical expenses incurred during John’s long illness. The fund matches accessibility experts (more than 70 have volunteered their time) with companies that would like a brief review of their site for accessibility. In return, the site owner is asked to contribute a minimum of $500 to the fund.

If you know of any company who is looking for an expert accessibility review, please point them to the information for companies.


  1. Don Mauck

    Its always refreshing to find someone who gets it, it sounds like you do get it. One of the most frustrating things to me is that while 508 is a start and so are evaluation tools, there are too many times that I’ve been given a page that has been said to meet all the requirements and the page still is 60% unusable because labels that pass a test or someones visual test still make no sense to a screen reader. The hardest thing to do is get this across to most developers along with the fact that accessibility should be one of the first, if not the first thing to consider when developing instead of the last, as is to often the case, even here at Oracle.