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Captioning and Sign Language Interpretation in Zoom: Features and Pitfalls

Introduction In the past couple of months, Zoom has made significant improvements to their support for captions and sign language interpreters. Automated captions are now available by default (without needing to be enabled by the host) in multiple languages and with more intuitive controls. Speaker identification within captions is scheduled to be added soon. Sign […]

Tips for Getting the Most Out of WAVE

As WebAIM has developed the WAVE accessibility evaluation tool over the years, many of our improvements have been driven by our own evaluation work. Here are some “power user” tips I use to get the most out of WAVE. Note: This article is for those who are already familiar with WAVE. If you are somewhat […]

Flexbox and the Screen Reader Experience

Flexbox is a CSS technique for positioning content in rows and columns in a way that adapts well to responsive layouts. Flex items can grow or shrink to fit neatly within the space that they occupy, but their structure is not constrained to the rigid row-and-column model used in tables. Flexbox elements can also reposition […]

Tips for Accessible Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing Has Become Much More Common For many of us, phone calls have largely been replaced with meetings over video conferencing platforms like Zoom. One advantage to these platforms is the ability to share computer screens. We have all likely been in virtual meetings where someone says, “it’s easier if I just share my […]

The WebAIM Million – 2022 Update

The 2022 WebAIM Million Report is now available. This annual accessibility analysis of the home pages of the top one million web sites provides insight into the current state of and trends for web accessibility. The report provides details into technical aspects of accessibility and comparisons for many types of home page characteristics, such as by top-level […]