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Anniversaries Celebrated

Sunday, July 26, 2020 marked the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. During WebAIM’s 20th anniversary year, we take this opportunity to cherish this landmark legislation which codified equal opportunity and protections for those with disabilities. For many, it is difficult to recall the reality of life before the ADA. Concepts like “self-determination”, […]

WAVE Webinar and Intro Video

We’re excited about the work that continues on the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool in WebAIM’s 20th year. In the last year we launched a new visual design, including new icons and functionality, for the online WAVE service and Chrome and Firefox extension. We released new functionality for the WAVE API and significant new updates […]

WebAIM Million – One Year Update

WebAIM has conducted an updated analysis of the home pages for the world’s top one million web sites. The results reveal the current state of web accessibility and spotlight the greatest opportunities for improvement. As WebAIM celebrates its 20th year, we hope this information will prompt positive change. For details, see the full WebAIM Million […]


WebAIM Celebrates 20 Years Join us as we celebrate 20 years of WebAIM! We are so very proud to have spent two decades working with you in our shared goal of web accessibility. In celebration, we will launch a full year of activities and giving back to the community we hold so dear. In 2020 […]

Significant WAVE Updates

WebAIM is happy to have released significant updates to the WAVE suite of web accessibility testing tools. These changes make WAVE a more powerful asset in helping you test and implement highly accessible web content. The WAVE online testing service, Chrome and Firefox extensions, WAVE API (including its associated WAVE Runner service), and WAVE stand-alone […]