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Twitter Accessibility Roundup

I’m a bit of a newcomer to Twitter. In the few months I’ve been online (follow me at @jared_w_smith), Twitter has become an indispensable tool for networking, communicating, and information gathering and sharing. There is a strong accessibility community on Twitter. In the spirit of The Accessibility Blog Roundup, below are 30 of the tweeple twits twitterers tweeters Twitter users I follow and know of that post frequent and insightful messages on web accessibility (in no particular order).

Limiting this list to just 30 was very difficult. There are many wonderful people on Twitter, but if you’re looking to expand your Twitter network to include the best of accessibility, following the folks listed above is a great place to start.


  1. Katrina Avrutov

    Thank you for the post – it’s perfect! We are exactly now in the process of redesigning the web site and all the information about accessibility will be very useful!

  2. Chirstopher Phillips

    Also recommended laura_carlson and stcaccess.

  3. Steve Grobschmidt

    This is an outstanding resource. I’ve really been seeking out accessibility voices on Twitter and this is most helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    A couple others worth noting — GlendaWH, GreenBeast (Mike Cherim)

  4. Dave Densley

    Also check out:

    Twellow Search – The Twitter Yellow Pages.

    Mr. Tweet – Helps you find followers with similar interests.

  5. shawn

    Thanks, Jared. I especially enjoyed the Tweetup at CSUN. Indeed Twitter is an interesting medium. W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is also on Twitter at @w3c_wai http://twitter.com/w3c_wai

  6. Jared Smith

    Thanks for the recommendations. laura_carlson, stcaccess, w3c_wai, and greenbeast were all on my initial, longer list. If my list were 40 long, they’d certainly be on there (along with Christopher – mactoph). Like I said, VERY difficult to pick just 30. Part of what determined the list was those that have posted unique content lately, and these, I think, had less of this.

    I’m not sure how GlendaWH got lost from the list. I just checked my drafts and she was on there right until the end. Definitely a mistake to leave her off this list. In fact, I just added her back in to make 31. 🙂

  7. Jennison Asuncion


    A suggestion – you should post a link to this list, plus your list of blogs to the main WebAIM e-mail list, as I think folks there would find these useful.

  8. Angela/AccessForAll

    Thanks for the recommendation, Jared! 🙂

  9. Claude Almansi

    Maybe this list could be put on a wiki for easier expansion and reorganisation. In this sense, http://twitter4teachers.pbworks.com/ started as a single page with some bolded subtitles. Then the subtitles were redone as headers to get a table of content, and finally the sublists were moved to a separate page when they became too long.
    But of course there is the problem of finding an accessible wiki platform…

  10. Debra Ruh

    TecAccess is also posting tweets on Accessibility Topics. Good list of other resources – thanks for pulling it together.

  11. Karen

    What an honor. We are rather awed to be included in this group and by WebAIM. Life sidetracked us from saying thank you earlier.

    Karen (co-manager) and Cyn (WebDiva) twittering at @stcaccess

  12. carl

    How about LeonieWatson too? http://twitter.com/LeonieWatson

  13. dotjay

    I’ve started mostly posting my accessibility-related stuff on @ally:

  14. Ron

    The last one on the list, GlendaWH, isn’t an accessibility person at all.

    Followed most of these folks! Thanks for the great post!

    I’m knee-deep in accessibility research right now.


  15. Jen

    That last one says GlendaWH but you’re linking to @glendawp – not an accessibility person. The link needs to be fixed to the right person. 🙂

  16. Jared Smith


    I’ve fixed the typo. Being in WordPress, I can see how I accidentally typed wp instead of wh. Thanks for the heads up.

  17. Joseph Karr O'Connor

    Thanks Jared! With @csunwebmaster I try to stick to accessibility, usability, SEO, and design, but my first concern is accessibility. That’s why I so very much appreciate your efforts on behalf of the accessibility community and thank you very much for all that you do.