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Updated WAVE Toolbar

A few weeks ago we announced the release of the new WAVE web site. Today, we’re happy to announce the release of a new, much improved version of the WAVE Firefox Toolbar. The WAVE Firefox Toolbar allows you to check the accessibility of any web page directly within the Firefox web browser. This version of the add-on includes numerous updates, bug fixes, and new features, including:

  • Support for several new tests and icons.
  • Increased accuracy of tests and reporting.
  • Better support for complex pages, including processing of pages with frames and iframes.
  • Customizable shortcut key functionality to quickly and easily process WAVE reports.
  • WAVE icons now feature a tooltip window that provides additional detail about the icon. Simply place your mouse over an icon to see these additional details.
  • A new context menu. Right click…, WAVE Toolbar…, then select a report option.This context menu can be turned on or off in the Options.
  • An improved mini-toolbar. You can drag the WAVE toolbar icon onto any other Firefox toolbar for quick access to WAVE Toolbar functionality while using only a small amount of screen real estate.

Download the new toolbar at http://wave.webaim.org/toolbar


  1. C Darling

    Does this latest Wave tool test for compliance with WCAG 2.0 checkpoint?

    I am currently carrying my test using this tool amongst other automated tools and a comparison note.

    Please advise.

  2. Jared Smith

    C Darling –

    I think your answer can be found at http://wave.webaim.org/help#guidelines