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WCAG 2.0 Podcast

I was happy to be invited by Dennis Lembree and Ross Johnson of WebAxe to join Joe Dolson on their latest podcast on WCAG 2.0. We had a good time discussing how WCAG 2.0 has progressed, where it still falls short, and what the future holds. We tackled some of the hottest topics regarding the (possibly) politically motivated exclusion of valid code, whether success criteria are better than checkpoints, and the ‘loophole’ for accessible alternatives.

Listen to the podcast

I’m still working on my formal (and informal) comments on WCAG 2.0. Overall, I’m quite happy with it, but there’s still a few rough edges. I’ll post them here on the blog in a few days. Remember, the deadline for comments is June 29.


  1. Joe Dolson

    I definitely enjoyed the conversation! It’s nice to actually have a “real” conversation every once in a while; the world of electronic correspondence doesn’t always convey the whole story.

  2. Dennis

    That was a great podcast Jared. Thanks for joining in. I always appreciate your expertise! I agree with Joe, too, that it’s good to have a real conversation on a topic rather than just reading books and blog posts.