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WCAG 2.0 Finalized

After nearly 8 years in development, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines has been finalized and has reached recommendation status. Congratulations to the working group on this accomplishment. Read the press release. For entertainment, go back and read the initial, January 2001 version of the guidelines to see how the guidelines have dramatically changed (and for the better) over time.

Look forward to more detailed analysis and resources on WCAG 2.0 on the WebAIM site in the near future.


  1. R Rogerson

    Well, the shame of it is… it’s wasted.

    Seriously it is.
    There is no way that even a substantial minority of sites will become accessible.
    The reason being – it is not promoted.
    The UK government kind of swept the various DDA and internet issues under the carpet.

    Further – with companies like Google ignoring even the basics of providing “standard” access – why would anyone else implement it?
    Just look at some of their Applications…

    Multiple of their “open applications” are like this.

    They know they are not following the WAI guidelines.
    They know they are not adhering to the 508 standard etc.
    They know and they simply do not care!

    So I’m afraid that with corporations like that simple sitting back and laughing, with no intention of ever following the efforts of people such as the WAI or yourselves – the web will likely remain ignorant and inaccessible.

    If they were taken to task over by people such as yourselves, the WAI and the RNIB – it would not only mean that a major influence could by won – but a vast amount of publicity and support.

    But no one will do it.

    So – though i wish you the bet in your efforts,
    please don’t hold your breath or feel overly disappointed.

    Best wishes,