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WebAIM/TPG Partnership

WebAIM and The Paciello Group (TPG) are pleased to announce today a partnership that delivers independent web site certification for accessibility.

In today’s diverse environment, the Internet is becoming the pre-eminent location for people with disabilities to find information and to transact business. It is vitally important for web site creators and operators to take all appropriate steps to ensure their web properties are universally accessible. However, many people with disabilities are finding an unacceptable level of accessibility for many popular web sites, creating a frustrating experience.

Now, with the partnership between TPG and WebAIM, web site owners can retain The Paciello Group to perform full accessibility testing and professional services while additionally receiving the WebAIM Accessible Site Certification. This certificate can be posted on their web site attesting to an independent guarantee. WebAIM clients can also secure 3rd party TPG certification of thier sites.

While both TPG and WebAIM independently provide high quality, industry leading accessibility consulting and certification services, this exclusive partnership provides great value to our clients by allowing a 3rd party entity to both verify and certify accessibility of our client’s web sites and applications.

While certification systems and structures have been around for sometime, the WebAIM / TPG is unique in that two independent accessibility groups have joined to add the strength of their expertise to provide an external certification of accessibility after expert consultation. TPG and WebAIM are forming this partnership to ensure the highest level of accessibility services and to also insure full independence between the testing and certification agencies.
Mike Paciello, founder and president of The Paciello Group addresses the value of independent certification:

"There are a number of companies delivering quality professional services to help vendors make their sites more accessible, but we wanted to offer our clients the assurance that the work we are performing is of the highest quality and attested to by a completely independent authority. WebAIM’s position in the accessibility market as a recognized leader in practice and passion for accessibility makes them the logical choice to deliver this independent certification. We are thrilled to partner with them."

The Paciello Group is passionately dedicated to helping government agencies, technology vendors, e-commerce corporations, and educational institutions make their technology equally accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. The company, based in Nashua, NH, offers professional consulting, technology solutions, and monthly monitoring services to ensure that clients reach all audiences effectively and efficiently while meeting governmental and international standards.

WebAIM, Web Accessibility in Mind, provides comprehensive web accessibility solutions. Ten years of experience makes WebAIM one of the leading providers of web accessibility expertise internationally. WebAIM is a non-profit organization within the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University.


  1. suzanne robitaille

    Great! How much will it cost on average? Thanks!

  2. anonymous

    How can a consulting agency be considered an independent body?

  3. Jared Smith


    Pricing is very much based upon the site being certified. There isn’t a flat fee for the certification because certification is really just an extension of the evaluation, consulting, and technical assistance work that WebAIM and TPG provide. Specific pricing questions can be referred to TPG.

  4. Jared Smith


    Having a 3rd party consulting agency provide verification of the site’s accessibility has great value. If Company X comes to TPG for accessibility consulting, WebAIM can provide additional assurance that high levels of accessibility have been reached. While WebAIM and TPG function independent in these functions, implementation of accessibility and evaluation methodologies are very much aligned. This partnership provides our clients an option of securing accessibility certification from a body that was not involved in implementing that accessibility.

    This type of verification happens quite often in other industries – consider financial audits as an example. Having one consultant verify and provide assurance of the work of another makes a lot of sense and is something in great demand by our clients.

    WebAIM’s role as a non-profit, research-based entity further strengthens this partnership.